Fall 2019 Cohort


Enabling investors to build emerging market portfolios


Developer screening and online interviews in one platform


Meeting room booking and digital room signage solution


Yodel is the smart cloud based business phone solution


Spring 2019 Cohort


Artboost | Denmark

Artboost is making art accessible for all

bearaby | dubai

Bearaby creates stylish weighted bedding

Meetfox | austria

MeetFox automates meeting tasks


Founder Photos

Ellis Sep11-30.jpg

Fall 2019 Co-Founders

From left: Dragos Badea, Co-Founder of YArooms, Tom Winter, Co-Founder of Devskiller, Nina Hoedlmayr, Co-Founder of Yodel, and Satyen Kothari, Founder of Cube

Ellis April 18-201.jpg

Spring 2019 Co-Founders

From left: Mikkel Steen and Anders Cederholm Nielsen, Co-Founders of Artboost, Susanne Klepsch, Co-Founder of MeetFox, and Kathrin Hamm, Founder of Bearaby

Fotos Susanne Klepsch copy (1).jpg

"New York is full of ambitious and successful people, you just have to find them. Ellis Accelerator is the perfect gateway to the city and makes it possible for us to meet with incredibly smart and fascinating mentors, who have drastically accelerated our US expansion."

- Susanne Klepsch, Co-Founder of MeetFox

Ellis April 18-8.jpg

"One of the best parts of the program is the location. New York is where it all happens - it feels like we're at the center of the world. I also really enjoy how transparent and helpful the Ellis Accelerator team is. They go out of their way to make the program as great an experience as possible."

- Aksel Hjalmarsson Tórgarð, CTO of Artboost