Spring 2019 Cohort


Artboost | Denmark

Artboost is an art platform. We let art lovers discover, artists prosper and together we change the world of art. For too long, the art world has been controlled by an exclusive elite that drives up prices and makes art inaccessible. Through digital platforms and real world movements we’re changing that. Art is about moving people and that most definitely shouldn’t be a privilege for the few. Art is for everyone.

bearaby | dubai

Bearaby is a weighted sleep aid brand that has combined deep sleep science with innovative design and sustainable materials to create the most effective weighted bedding in the world, helping people sleep naturally and feel better. Scientific research shows that sleeping under weight brings a deeper, more natural sleep cycle and can also reduce anxiety, giving the same comforting sensation of a hug.

derbutton | austria

DerButton helps professionals fully focus on their profession. With a one-stop-shop for online appointment scheduling, video calling, invoicing and payment, professionals can automate their day-to-day operations and increase their revenues - all at the push of a button.

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Spring 2019 Co-Founders

From left: Mikkel Steen and Anders Cederholm Nielsen, Co-Founders of Artboost, Susanne Klepsch, Co-Founder of DerButton, and Kathrin Hamm, Founder of Bearaby

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"New York is full of ambitious and successful people, you just have to find them. Ellis Accelerator is the perfect gateway to the city and makes it possible for us to meet with incredibly smart and fascinating mentors, who have drastically accelerated our US expansion."

- Susanne Klepsch, Co-Founder of DerButton

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"One of the best parts of the program is the location. New York is where it all happens - it feels like we're at the center of the world. I also really enjoy how transparent and helpful the Ellis Accelerator team is. They go out of their way to make the program as great an experience as possible."

- Aksel Hjalmarsson Tórgarð, CTO of Artboost